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My Own CM story

I thought for this issue, I'd write about one of my own experiences as a championship manager!

Ok, after many seasons playing about with Championship Manager 2 (1994) & being able to only manage English teams, the prospect of CM2 97/98 with all the options was sounding like a great prospect. The game finally came to Australia, and I looked forward to finally being able to manage the team I have supported since I was a kid, Juventus.

Ok, I selected Juventus & was amazed at the realism of the players stats for all the teams. Next I got the 'official' patch for 97/98 & also one of the many updates available over the net. Ok, my team was now up to date with all the correct players etc, so it was time to do battle and win lo scudetto (the Serie A)..

My first match was against Vicenza in the suppercoppa, which I won, thanks to an Inzaghi hat trick. Worse to come however was that Del Piero was to be outted for 12 months with a broken leg. Knowing that my reserve striker Fonseca is crap & Amoruso was being watched by some other teams, I had to buy another striker..I located David Trezeguet from Monaco. Agreed a fee, and a week later he was a Juve player. Over the next few weeks I won a few & drew some, with Trezeguet starting to fit into the squad.

Amoruso was sold to Athletic Bilbao for 5.5 million, and Deschamps was being monitored by Man Utd. In the end, Man Utd offered 8 million for Deschamps, and realising he was 30 yrs old, I knew that was a good price & sold him. With that money I spend 2.7 on Emerson, a promising 21 yr old attacking midfielder from Leverkusen in Germany & also 1.5 on Jean Juares a French U21 defender. I was about 10 million clear so I saved it for other purchases in the future. My team now looked very strong and I used the following formation

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