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Here is my second edition on my CM opinions and advice...

When playing CM, I think there is nothing better than the feeling of spending millions of pounds on one player, and seeing him do well for your team.

One thing though, I have noticed is that a lot of the 'more known stars' like Owen, Fowler, Denilson, Rivaldo & Figo are very hard to buy in the first season. These players are either 'Interested' & 'Unavailable' or 'Available' yet decline your approach. I have noticed however that a lot of these players become available in the last 2 weeks before the transfer deadline. In the Serie A that is Jan 14th or so. If you wish to transfer list your players, do some a good month before this date, and if the player is a wanted player, the offers will roll in just before the deadline closes.

Another point to note is, that a lot of these excellent stars become available after the season finishes, and before the next one starts..For season 97/98 this is when the WC is being played. A lot of players, good ones, are given free transfers, and others are simply made available. You will also find that a lot of 'superstars' are given free transfers, due to their excessively high wage demands..I scored Robbie Fowler on a free, and he was Serie A's 'capocanonieri' top scorers. As the next season rolls around you will also see a lot of domestic based players become available.

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