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Simple Suggestions For Newcomers To CM2

Here you go...column story number 1..

For any of you out there who are just starting out with CM, the easiest way to suss out the game, and find out what works is to experiment with a easier to manage team. For example being a manager of an Italian team such as Verona or another smaller squad, and you will find the board of directors are are lot more understanding if you lose games, drop points etc..

Manage a team like Juventus, or Milan, lose a few consecutive games, and you will be threatened with the sack. And it' not just human managers..Computer managers suffer this fate also. Also other things that sway the board's confidence are things like CONSTANTLY fielding the same 11 players.

I try to mix & experiment with diff players in diff positions, transfer listing players for no reason, and giving free transfers..All these things affect the board's confidence. I found in my 2nd season with Juventus, after winning the league, that I lost a couple of easier matches on the trot, and was threatened with the sack. Only after winning a fair few matches on the trot, was I spared..I then went on to win the league again, the cup & Euro Cup.

Anyway guys, that's my advice of starting off CM on the right foot. Next time I will offer advise on buying & selling players.

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