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Players Who Figure Well In The Serie A

Here is my third edition on my CM opinions and advice...

There's nothing better than spending mega amounts of money on a player and seeing him do really well in your team, scoring goals, dishing off assists, stopping attacks and all the rest - money well spent. However I reckon there's nothing worse then spending heaps on a player who's an absolute flop, scoring 1 goal in 6 matches, giving away red cards, falling over all the time. The player seems to do well in the team yo bought him from, but it total shithouse in your squad.

Here are the following players I have bought in my time with Juventus, the good & bad buys..Also take note that if you manage a good quality squad (like Juventus or Inter) you don't need to buy many players, cos the squad is strong to start with, but hey spending money (especially someone elses) is a great thing to do!! here you go (I didn't need to buy many players, cos Juventus have quality players already)

Good Players- All performed well for Juventus
Player Pos. Club
David Trezeguet ST Monaco (Fra)
Lokonda Mpenza ST Standard Liege (Bel)
Robbie Fowler ST Liverpool (Eng)
Michael Owen ST Liverpool (Eng)
Nicola Ventola ST Inter (Ita)
Ronaldo ST Inter (Ita)
McManaman AMR Liverpool (Eng)
Rui Costa AMC Fiorentina (Ita)
Emerson AMC Bayer Leverkusen (Ger)
Denilson AML Betis (Spa)
Juan Veron AMLC Parma (Ita)
Dino Baggio MC Parma (Ita)
Jean Sebastien Juares SW/DC Auxerre (Fra)

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