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Interview With Twig - Argentine's Patch Maker

What is your comment to the CM Fan reaction on your patch/utility?
Quite a lots of people who have downloaded my Argentinian league patch have e-mailed me and offered to help with future versions. It is nice to see that the fans have made the effort to offer help.

What are your latest projects? If you have, please give a few descriptions on it.
My latest projects are a data update and a 16mb Argentinian league game. My data update is looking very good and I have made a lot of changes to team colours to reflect the new kits for this season.

When do you think your latest project will be released?
I hope to have the data update out on the 8th of november and the Argentinian Patch out a couple of weeks after that.

Which CM version did you play and how many hours you spend on it?
I play version 2.93, but not much because I work quite a lot on Updates and Patches. I also like playing the MLS Patch. I think it is one of the best Patches around at the moment.

Which CM version is the best for you?
Version 2.93

Many thanks to Twig. Visit Twig's CM web site now!
Twig's Web Site

 Interview - Twig
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