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Keith Alan Puddefoot's Ideas

Fan Favourite Player
A most clubs have a favourite palyer. If this player was not playing crowds may gradually fall, chairman may be upset, and if the player requested a transfer then the manager may come under fire (unless he is respected manager). Usually fans favourite players are really skillful and as lazy as shite like Le Tissier, Ginola etc or hard players like Hughes, Ince, Hartson or long serving players like Bruce use to be at Manchester Utd. or Adams at Arsenal. 

Other Ideas

  • Chairman being more involved
  • Lenghty bans for fighting, bribing, drugtaking etc..
  • Players not settling in certain cultures, or northeners not settling in the south and vice versa
  • Poaching, Big clubs poaching from smaller teams B-squads..
  • Teams could sign rising stars on free transfer but could be foung guilty by FA and charged heavily
  • Introduce testimonials as this could mean long serving players not leaving on free transfer 

 K.A Puddefoot's Ideas
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