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Players Who Figure Well In The Serie A

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These players I bought & were total crap
& too inconsistent & sold after 1 season.
Player Pos. Club
Thierry Henry ST Monaco (Fra)
Roberto Carlos DML Real Madrid (Spa)
Clarence Seedorf AMC Real Madrid (Spa)
Jason McAteer DML Liverpool (Eng)
Nicky Butt DMC Man Utd (Eng)
Savio FC Real Madrid (Spa)
Jamie Redknapp MC Liverpool (Eng)
Vincenzo Montella ST Italy
If you manage another team (other than Juventus).
These Juventus players I HEAVILY recommend
Player Pos. Comment
Del Piero ST Playmaker or scorer
Zidane AMC Great playmaker
Deschamp & Davids MC Good ball winner
Montero DC If not suspended
Peruzzi GK Good goalkeeping
Tachinardi & Perrotta DMC Both position is good
Inzaghi ST Goal scorer
Luliano & Ferrara DC Solid defender

Also take note that different players play different with other teams in other leagues, using other formations etc..

Next week, my own CM story!

Happy CM'ering!
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