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FXEdit Version 1.00

Maker Ronin
Web Site Ronin's CM Website
Requires CM 97/98 patched 16 MB games. Compatibility with 8 MB games and unpatched CM is planned.
Size 1740 KB
  • Re-arrange your fixtures if it is too tight
  • Arrange more international friendlies at anytime
  • Arrange friendlies with big clubs that will never play with you
  • Or do something naughty like rearranging your opponent's fixtures to make it really hectic
Screenshot FXEdit Screenshots
Download 1 File (1.7 MB): Geocities-USA    Malaysia  
3 Smaller Files: 
Geocities1   Geocities2   Geocities3  
Malaysia1   Malaysia2   Malaysia3 
If you have any questions, bug reports, suggestions and anything related to FXEdit. Please e-mail: Ronin or ChampmanNet 

 FXEdit v1.00
 CMWiz v1.20
 Trainer v1.00
 League v2.05
 Util. Pack
 Boardroom v2.30
 Agent v1.20
 Traveller v2.00
 Ground v2.19
 CM City v1.20
 Wage Fix
 Add Money
 Scout v1.10
 CM Find

CM Fan's Comment:
I've been trying the FXedit this morning and so far it doesn't seem to give any problems. I've been able to play friendlies Club V Country, and it has worked. So Well done. It's a great utility as now I don't have to wait for CM3 to play a pre-season tournament or a pre-season tour of any country.

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