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From Sport Interactive
Championship Manager 3 is expected to be completed around March 1999. Championship Manager 3 will improve on Championship Manager 2 in every way, but most notably the following. 

Firstly, different countries leagues will be included within one game so that managers will be able to accept jobs in different countries without the need for stand-alone versions of the game. CM3 will come supplied with many of The World's top leagues, and be capable of supporting leagues released at a later date. The game will be researched and translated by football fans from around the world. 

Secondly, a totally new tactical system and match simulation will be introduced. The user will have total control over his team's tactics through a combination of individual player and overall team instructions. 

Thirdly, the amount of interaction between the manager and his chairman, staff, players, supporters, and media will be greatly increased. 

EIDOS will be the publishers for CM3. CM3 is planned for release sometime next year. The planned leagues for CM3, with all the exact competition rules, are as follows: 
CM3 will be programming in a way that leagues can be added easily in the future so if your country is not included in the above list it may be done as an add-on in the future. 

We are unable at present to disclose too much about the intended features for CM3 but the following outlines what we are planning in more detail: 

All areas of the game are to be improved. We will be having a huge database (many times bigger than in CM2) of players, team staff, teams, managers and officials from all around the world with many more ratings and hidden ratings to make the game even more realistic. We will of course be improving greatly on the CM2 game engine 

The game will be configurable so you can choose the number of leagues you want to run which will mean less powerful machines can run CM3. 

These will be much more detailed and in depth then in CM2. You will be able to give players individual instructions from runs to make to the marking of a particular player. 
There will be many pre-set formations and individual player tactics for those who do not want to get so involved. 

You will be able to assign different coaches (depending, of course, on your financial resources) to different areas of training. These areas of training will include, Youth Squad, Goalkeeping,Fitness, Formation, Technique etc. Coaches will give you reports on players progress during training sessions. 

You will be able to send specific named scouts to watch specific players or matches or to scout a specific country or region. They will report back to you with their findings. 

User Interface: 
This will be similar to CM2 but will be much improved so it is more intuitive and easier to use and we will make use of higher resolution, short cut keys, and many more relevant background pictures from all around the world. We hope to have some screen shots available in the future. 

Newspaper reports and rumour of possible happenings in the world of football. We hope to make this configurable so that you can choose to get the information most relevant to you. An assistant manager will be available to take away some of your management tasks if you feel you have too much work to do.

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