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European Leagues Of League

Maker Darren Gray
Web Site Darren Gray's CM Site
Requires 16 MB Game CM 97/98 v2.93
Size N/A
Features It is a league that consists of all of the nine major leagues.
An extra league included and these are called Mixtures.
All made up of the best playes in there own domestic league.
Mixtures is made up of all leagues.
All the teams have 25 million to spend as well.
The same stadium as they would have as there national team.
Download Freeserve - UK
Contact If you have any questions, bug reports, suggestions and anything related to this patch. Please e-mail: Champman or ChampmanNet

 European League
 Upgrade v1.00
 Unofficial v2.80
 Official v2.93 (NCD)
 Official v2.93 (WCD)
 Argentinean League
 Scandinavia League
 Euro Super League
 Super League
 Finnish League
 Bulgarian League
 World's League
 Turkish League
 Israel League
 Brazilian League
 South Africa League

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