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We invite you to speak out any cm or soccer issues to CM Fan's. Let discuss about it here. There are not all CM Fan's can access the #champman channel or use IRC. Use this board wisely. 
Do you have any exprience or  very upset about anything that related to Championship Manager? You can write it here to share your unhappy moment with other.

Don't waste your time by put your advertisement in the general message board. People more interested in other topic rather than read your advertisement. If they want to know about any new things, then they can access this board. So, use this board.
Okay, if you have any problem or need special help from other. Use this board to let people know about it. If they like to help you, then the kindness people will access this board. Don't let other people that not interest to help you fooling you.
If you wish to send an email to me, please use email form or click here:
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