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This is a few guides for those who playing in the lower division.
  • At the early season check the value of each player and their stats. Make an analysis and sell those who are not good or too young.
  • Search for key player in you team. Every position of your team goalkeeper, defender, midfield and striker. All of this position always has a key player.
  • If you sell your key player it is bad for your team because it will really effect your team performance.
  • How to know your key player? Most of them is old and have a high value.
  • You must try all players to get who are really consistence than you can use them regularly.
  • Who you should buy? Buy those that have a good stats or have an international cap. Donít care about their age.
  • You also must check the free transfer player because most of the top teams, always free transfer their young player. Most of them a good and interest to join your club.
  • You also should try and find out which tactic that good for your team. If possible donít always change your team tactic. This is because your team may be not good in adapt a new tactic.
  • When you choose player to play, choose those who have a good rating and good form. Donít care about their morale if their form is good.
  • If you have a large squad, loan those players that you want to sell but nobody interest in him or free transfer them if you can. This will save your money.
  • If you want to make your player happy but they donít 100% fit or not in good form. You can use them as substitute for about 15-10 last minute in game. Do this until they happy.
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