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Dream Team Player Tactic

  Changing The Wages
If you think a player wants too high wages, try releasing him on free transfer, and then re-sign him. In most cases will the player now demand a contract with about 20-33 % less amount money in wages than before. You sometimes can experience stiff competition from other clubs on signing the player if you choose this method, but that's a risk you have to take...
  Signing Player Without Competition
When you make an offer, put high offer until the club accepts. Then make a good offer to the player. When player agree to move, REJECT it. Other Club will not interest anymore or may be for a while. Then you can make offer again. And more chance to sign the player.

  National Team Manager
Start a new game. Pick a national team. Type your name as the current national team manager. E.g. "Glenn Hoddle" to become the England manager.
  Big Club Release
Transfer list the player for LOAN. 
When clubs want him, then REJECT. 
Then your player won't leave the club.

  Quit Without Saving
You are losing an important cup match and want to quit without saving. You push the * button. You have now have quit CM2 without saving.
  Normal Cheat
Add more managers (Max. 8). Do some nice transfer to swap good/bad players and to move some money from one bank account to another.

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