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News On 09/10/98
From Sport Interactive
Firstly we have to announce that CM3 will not be released until the beginning of 1999. We want to make sure the game is perfect and would ask you all to be to be patient. In September CM3 made its first showing at the recent European Computer Trade Show (ECTS) and was received very well. The following work has been completed or is in progress on CM3:
  • Transfer market completed
  • Team and players tactical instructions have been implemented
  • Scouting and training modules are being implemented
  • Match officials have been added
  • CM3 is nearing completion and all the major parts of the game have now been implemented or are in progress, much of the work is now refining and adding the finer details which we feel makes a great game and will set CM3 apart from other management games.Many of you have been asking about the minimum requirements to run CM3. It has not been finalised at present but we think that to run one league, the minimum requirements will be a P133 with 16MB or 32MB.

    We now have our own website domain name "" devoted to Championship Manager where you will find many more screen shots for you to look at. You will discover the extent of the detail we have gone into in CM3 and of course a very good idea of what to expect in the final release. There are now 21 screen shots located at our website:

    News On 25/09/98
    From Techcities
    CM3 Release Date Put Back:
    Sports Interactive have announced that CM3 will now not be released till around Feb
    1999, Paul Norman tells fans:-"..we hope to have the game out by end Jan, begining Feb... As far as the game development is concerned, we are on target for this date... but i don't know how many problems testing will show up, or how long it takes to master/cut all the CD's....

    News On 11/06/98
    From Sport Interactive
    Work on Championship Manager 3 is progressing very well, with the release likely to be late this year. We will be attempting to keep up to speed during the next month although a lot of the time may have to be devoted to research into international football......!

    The following work has been completed or is in progress on CM3.

    • All competitions of all the leagues have now been implemented
    • The transfer market system is in its final stages
    • Player contracts with negotiable clauses is in progress
    • Realistic match attendances
    • All in-match screens have been implemented
    Check out the latest screen shot which shows you one of the in-match screens and a completely new feature for a CM game.

    News On 11/03/98
    From Sport Interactive
    Work on Championship Manager 3 is continuing at a pace:
    • Most competitions from the represented countries have been implemented
    • The match engine is now in the final tuning stage.
    • Stats and records for all competitions are completed.
    • Work is soon to begin on the transfer market system.
    We have now decided to include the Brazilian, Argentinean Championships and the J-League. Due to the extent of the project, release has now been put back till towards the end of this year.

    Check out the screen shots which give you a taster of what you can expect. These screen shots can also be downloaded for you to view in their full 16 bit glory.

    If you wish to send an email to me, please use email form or click here:

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