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Title: Championship Manager 3
Developer: Sports Interactive
Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Web Site:
Out: March '99

CM Facts:
The record of the series in PC Zone
1993 - Championship Manager 93 : PCZ#5, 75%.
1996 - Championship Manager 2 : PCZ#31, 92%
1997 - Championship Manager 2 96/97 :PCZ#63, 94%
1998 - Championship Manager 2 97/98 :PCZ#57, 90%

Simply it will be:
- Faster
- Bigger
- Advanced
- Realistic

Out of this realistic is the most important.
This aspect keeps Championship Manager in there own record as the most successful management game especially soccer. In this latest version, they still keep the major aspect and improve other aspect to make it more realistic.

What make it realistic compare to others?

  • The game environment or interface. It's have a great designed that effect the game quality and attraction. It may be not colorful and splashy design like others. This is good to make it not like a just a game but let it feel like a professional manager that think about everything professionally.
  • Game play is not too stupid or complicated and easy to understand. What a stupid manager choose for various game level such as easy to harder.
  • The data's is very accurate compare to other.
The Good Improvement
The match engine was more advanced. You can do more in tactics and formations such individual instructions. The most important is you can see the effect what you has done in your teams.

You can run all 16 leagues once and it enable you manage any team in all leagues.

The data stats are more than before. It will be 40 stats for each player compare to 25 stats in CM 97/98.

It's is faster than before. It's in Window based. This effects the user interface. The most important is you no need go back to main menu. You can do everything; the process is quicker.

You have more scope to develop young players cause the improvement in this system such as addition of reserve teams and coach.

The transfer system and player contracts are more realistic. You can negotiate price, signing fee, assist bonuses, goal bonuses, clauses, a fee after a number of leagues appearances, and more.

Network game enables you playing against other people using other machines.

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