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7 Facts About Barnsley - The Tykes

1 Barnsley's biggest ever win came against Loughborough Town back in 1899. They triumphed by a massive 9-0.
2 Barnsley have only appeared in English foatball's top division once in their entire 110-year history (season 197/98).
3 Barnsley's only major honour came when they won the FA Cup back in 1912. They have never managed to get past the fifth round of the League Cup
4 Barnsley have now played in every single division of English league football at one time or another.
5 Barnsley's highest ever footy attendance was 40,255. They play against Stoke City in the fourth round of the FA Cup in 1936.
6 Barry Murphy is the player who has made the highest number of league appearances for the Tykes. He played in 514 games between 1962 and 1978.
7 Barnsley's first ever match in the Premiership was against West Ham United at Oakwell on the first day of the season 97/98. The lost 2-1.

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