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7 Facts About Internazionale

1 The Italian club was formed in 1908 by 45 members of AC Milan unhappy with the way their own club was being run.
2 The influx of star foreign fowards in Italy inspired Inter created a new system that involved the defence being helped by a midfielder. It worked. They won the league in 1953 and 1954.
3 They became the cream of world football in 1964 and '65, winning the European Cup and World Club Championship in both years.
4 Former Arsenal favourite Liam Brady played for the club in the 1980s and was followed by Paul Ince who joined from Man. United in 1995.
5 They have won 13 domestic league titles, but haven't triumphed since 1989 when Lothar Matthaus led them to the championship.
6 Finding themselves in the shadow of arch-rivals AC Milan, Inter still managed European success, picking up the 1991, '94 and '98 UEFA Cups.
7 Their side is packed with internationals, but none more famous than Ronaldo.

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