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7 Facts About Brazil

1 The most famous Brazilian ever is footy legend Pele. The World Cup superstar might now be rightly regarded as the best player ever but his first job was actually shining shoes.
2 Pele failed to win 100 caps for his country but he still managed to score an astonishing 77 goals in just 92 games.
3 In 1969, Pele scored his 1,000th senior goal, a penalty for Santos against Vasco de Gama.
4 Brazil are the only country to have won four World Cup Finals. They won their first against Sweden in 1958 and their fourth against Italy in 1994.
5 In 1970, Brazil were awarded the Jules Rimet trophy to keep. They didn't have it long because it was soon stolen from the Brazilian FA.
6 Brazil's kit deal is beleived to be the most lucrative ever. Nike pay a whopping 100 million pounds for the right to produce the kit.
7 In 1994, Brazil became the first side to win a World Cup Final on penalties. After a boring nil-nil draw, they outscored Italy from the spot.

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