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7 Facts About Juventus - The Old Lady

1 The word Juventus means youth and it was given to the club because its players and fans in their formative years were all young.
2 The team got their famous black and white strips after a member of the club returned from England with a set of shirts he had been given by Notts County.
3 The club probably has more nicknames than any other club in Italy. The most popular include The Old Lady and The Zebras.
4 In 1930s was a particularly good time to support Juve as the team won five consecutive league titles.
5 An incridible ten members of the Italian national side of 1947 all played for Juventus.
6 Juventus are the only Italian club that are allowed to wear two gold stars on their shirt. This signifies that they have won an incridible 20 Serie A.
7 In 1991, the club failed to qualify for any of the European competitions for the first time in some 28 years.

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