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The third version is Championship Manager 97/98. If we see the changes that has made in each CM version. This version is introduction for Championship Manager 3. It included the following features: 
  • All of the new 97/98 English, Scottish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Dutch, Belgian and Spanish Leagues are featured on one CD!
  • Tens of thousands of up to date, accurate player stats and histories.
  • Play up to three different national leagues in parallel.
  • Editor allowing the changing of player, manager and team data.
  • The chance to become an International manager and compete in the European Championships and World Cup. Also includes Under 21 international squads and matches.
  • Up to eight human managers playing at once.
  • The New 24 team UEFA Champions League format.
  • Messages about transfers, results and injuries involving big names in football.
  • Improved match engine with better text commentary and more build-up descriptions.
A one season demo of the game can be downloaded from here-Download

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