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Utility Pack

Maker James 'Statto' Rouse
Web Site MCRU's CM Site
Requires CM 97/98
Size 20 KB
Features NATPATCH: A program that replaces Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland with another national side of your choice
PATCH270: A program that changes various features in the exe files. These are: Man Utd now plays Arsenal in the Charity Shield, Lazio now play Juventus in the Super Coppa Italiana, pre-programmed injuries are removed, Anderlecht are no longer banned and more
MCDATE - A program that allows you to change the date of a saved game so you can skip the starting period or go to the end of the season after only one game!
Download Xoom-USA

 FXEdit v1.00
 CMWiz v1.20
 Trainer v1.00
 League v2.05
 Util. Pack
 Boardroom v2.30
 Agent v1.20
 Traveller v2.00
 Ground v2.19
 CM City v1.20
 Wage Fix
 Add Money
 Scout v1.10
 CM Find

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