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Flagship Boardroom Manager Version 2.30

Maker Sigma CM2 And Paul Bushnell
Web Site Flagship CME
Requires CM 97/98 v2.93
Size 180 KB
Features Review By Darren Gray
What this basically does is takes a saved game you are playing and lets you do various stuff with the managers. You can do quite a lot of interesting things with this and is a very good manager. Firstly you can change the Judgement, Motivation and Reputation of a Manager (Including yourself). Another thing is it lets you become manager for as many teams as you do like. You can even manage teams like Brazil and Columbia. Another thing that you can do is changing the computer managers to human manager allowing you to manage every manager if you want. I was very impressed with what you can do with this and would recommend getting it.
Rating: I Give it 5 out of 5
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 FXEdit v1.00
 CMWiz v1.20
 Trainer v1.00
 League v2.05
 Util. Pack
 Boardroom v2.30
 Agent v1.20
 Traveller v2.00
 Ground v2.19
 CM City v1.20
 Wage Fix
 Add Money
 Scout v1.10
 CM Find

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