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Championship Manager 3
If you looking for any hint or tip. Please access this section. We hope this hint or tip will help you to be a Champion. That why this game named Championship Manager. If you have any hint or tip to put in this section, you can send it to us.
   Progress News
If you like to be a Cheater, than you come to the right place. All the cheat that guarantees 110% work in this game was listed here. Just use it and don't surprise if you become the Champion in a season.
How many times you become the successful manager in this game? Share your glory moment with other. Ops, you also can share about your bad moment in this game such as become the loser.
   Screen Shots
All of us have their Dream Team. In the game, we try to buy and gather our entire admired player in a team to achieve the glory in the league. Let compare our Dream Team here. Is it really the best team?

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